The Benefits of Legal Outsourcing

The Benefits of Legal Outsourcing

In today’s climate, a growing number of solo practitioners and small law firms are looking for ways to reduce their overhead, control spending and keep their legal teams Covid-free – all without sacrificing productivity. 

To achieve these goals, many lawyers are choosing to add freelancers to their teams as opposed to hiring additional full-time support staff. Without question, this is a wise decision for those dealing with cutbacks and tighter budgets.

Partnering with an experienced remote paralegal can help you better manage fluctuating workloads, increase your productivity, relieve your current staff, and reduce your overhead significantly. 

There are several benefits of outsourcing. Let’s review a few of them:

1. Cost Effectiveness

The costs associated with running a law firm can be exorbitant. Add to that the revenue needed to litigate multiple cases simultaneously — and you begin to understand the seemingly insurmountable challenges attorneys face.

When you choose to outsource, you can get access to expert assistance without the added costs of training and retaining a full-time legal professional. Your firm pays only for the work performed and is not responsible for: 

  • Desktop computers, laptops or software;
  • Office space and furniture;
  • Health, dental and vision benefits;
  • Short-term or long-term compensation; and
  • Overtime pay and more!

For small firm lawyers looking to reduce or control costs, legal outsourcing is a win-win.

2. Legal Support for Fluctuating Caseloads

As a litigation attorney, you’re no stranger to fluctuating caseloads as you resolve old matters and welcome new ones. You may encounter moments when your workload shoots through the roof, and you’re unable to handle the sheer volume – and other periods when your caseload is manageable and does not justify hiring full-time staff. 

Despite the ebb and flow, there is no doubt you benefit most from expert legal support during all phases of your cases. 

Outsourcing is an ideal solution for your fluctuating caseload. You can invest in a monthly retainer package that provides the hours you need to manage your practice without the unnecessary full-time commitment. As your law firm grows, you can increase your hourly retainer package as you see fit.

As-needed legal support during your ebb and flow, perhaps another win-win?! 

3. Stress Relief and Increased Productivity

One thing is clear to those of us who have worked in litigation law firms. When legal professionals are overworked and forced to burn the candle on both ends, they find it difficult to stay afloat and important tasks slip through the cracks. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your role as lead attorney, you can be assured your legal team feels the same way.  

By outsourcing, you’re able to add a freelance paralegal to your practice to handle overflow tasks and help your team move cases forward more efficiently.

This type of remote legal support can be invaluable as it provides much-needed stress relief for your current staff, frees you up to handle matters that require your immediate attention, and increases productivity throughout your practice. 

You accomplish more and build stronger litigation cases. 

Again, it’s a win-win for the small law practice! 

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