Get the Legal Support You Need

When it comes to partnering with Paralegal Alchemy, you have a few options:

  • You can invest in a monthly retainer package;
  • Purchase unbundled (a la carte) legal support services; and
  • Partner with PA for onsite paralegal support.

What type of legal support do you need?

Monthly Retainer Packages

If you have a busy practice, full caseload and are looking to better leverage your time with ongoing legal support, retainer packages may be ideal for you.

They guarantee a certain number of hours and/or services will be reserved and on-call support will be available for your practice throughout the month.

Retainer packages start at $5,000, which covers 20 hours of support for your practice each week. Retainer hours can be used for legal research, motion writing, paralegal and trial preparation services. Learn more here.

Unbundled Legal Support Services

If you’re an attorney with a caseload that calls for occasional writing support, our unbundled legal support menu is a smart place to start.

No long-term commitment is required, and you are guaranteed the same high-quality work product my VIP retainer clients receive, minus the on-call support, and hourly rate discounts.

As your caseload increases, you can invest in monthly retainer packages that suit you.

Learn more about our unbundled (a la carte) legal support here.