Attract Better Offers and Settle More Cases with our Dynamic Settlement Demands

In a personal injury case, the settlement demand is one of the most important letters you will send from your firm.

It’s your opportunity to present your client’s claim to the insurance adjuster along with medical exhibits and proof of damages — a key step towards securing a settlement check to compensate your client for his/her physical, emotional and financial injuries.

While there’s no denying their value, demand letters have long been a persistent bottleneck for attorneys. If I polled small firms and solo practitioners today, they’re likely sitting at the top of most to-do lists.

Why? Because settlement demands are time-consuming and to a novice, difficult to prepare. When done correctly, it’s not the task you’re completing on a whim.

The entire process requires mindful and meticulous attention to detail. You must identify treating physicians, gather all exhibits, interpret stacks of medical records, perform a case valuation – and that’s just the start of an effective demand letter.

Your Outsourcing Solution

Ignoring this task can suck the energy out of your law practice, hurt your firm’s cash flow, and increase your client’s costs in the long run.

Dynamic Settlement Demands are designed to produce the results your clients deserve. They’re well-crafted, substantive and persuasive, and have proven to attract meaty settlement offers.

Our DSD masterfully details the accident, cause and extent of your client’s injuries; paints a picture of their treatment journey, and is supported by key exhibits — medical records and bills, lost wages, photographs, damage estimates and more.

“Stop spending your weekends shuffling through medical records and exhibits, spinning your wheels with tasks you have no real interest in completing.”

Hire Paralegal Alchemy to trudge through your case files and pen demand letters — while you spend your weekends enjoying family and friends.

DSDs are soulful. They carefully craft the client’s story from injury through treatment and along their road to recovery – giving the adjuster a clear view of your client’s journey.

And thorough. From accident details to liability issues, damage estimates, time missed from work, current and future medical expenses — every detail is considered and no stone is left unturned.

Expertly-crafted. Nowadays, several insurance companies use software to evaluate injury cases. These programs rely on variables when processing claims. Not including those variables in your demand letters can delay (and weaken) settlement offers. Our DSDs are crafted for live breathing adjusters, yes — but with case evaluation software in mind.

Organized, tabbed and indexed. The final, polished settlement demand is like nothing you’ve seen before – unless you’re our client, of course. 😉

It’s more than a typical letter; it’s a digitally-tabbed PDF package, professionally indexed with the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Index/Table of Contents
  • The final, polished demand latter
  • Accident or incident report
  • Property damage estimates
  • Emergency room records
  • Radiology reports
  • Surgical/operative reports
  • Physical therapy records
  • Chiropractic records
  • Medical bills
  • Prescription receipts
  • Proof of lost wages — and any other documents you want to include

Guaranteed to attract the type of settlement offers you’re looking for.

How to Get Started

Imagine…. every service listed above — hours of tasks neatly crafted into one done-for-you dynamic demand package! Does this sound like outsourcing solutions you would like to invest in? Awesome!

Getting started is simple. Click the button below to schedule a private consultation with our litigation maven, Vickie.

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