Harness the Power of Clear, Concise and Compelling Writing in Your Law Practice

Writing is an integral part of your life as a litigation attorney. There’s no way around it.

Whether you’re crafting a demand letter, drafting a lawsuit, responding to discovery or preparing a legal motion, you need clear, concise and compelling content if you want to persuade adjusters, lawyers and judges.

Anything less is ineffective in the legal arena, right?

But staying on top of your writing projects while running your law firm, managing your staff and nurturing your clients seems nearly impossible.

You’ve cases ready for settlement demands, others approaching the statute of limitations, responses to legal pleadings due, and a plethora of medical requests you must get out of the door.

When you’re not moving your writing tasks from pending to polished, you impede the flow of your practice.

Your cases stall, clients grow impatient and decent settlement offers are far and few.

The solution is simple – outsource!

Imagine having a word alchemist at your side to catch messy typos, draft legal documents, prepare court filings and move your writing tasks from pending to polished — seamlessly.

That demand package you’re waiting to finish, and those dreadful discovery responses you’ve yet to start drafting — yeah, you can let go of those.

Here are a few writing projects I can take off of your hands today:

  • Personal Injury Settlement Demand Letters
  • Complaints, Affidavits, Answers and Counterclaims
  • Interrogatories, Production Requests and Admissions
  • Legal Motions, Briefs and Tables of Authorities
  • Client Letters, Clerk Letters and Opposing Counsel Letters
  • General Correspondence and Office Memorandum
  • Letters of Representation and Medical Records Requests
  • Legal Forms and Templates (Word and/or Fillable PDFs)

Start Outsourcing Today!

Are you tired of pesky bottlenecks impeding the flow in your practice? You’re in the right place.

With Paralegal Alchemy penning for your firm, you can move your cases forward and get more accomplished.

Getting started is simple. Create a list of the writing tasks you’re ready to let go of, then purchase a monthly retainer package — and we’ll take it from there.

Got questions? Visit our frequently asked questions page — or schedule a private consultation with our litigation maven.