Gather Medical Records, Billing Statements and Key Case Exhibits for Your Injury Cases

Medical records document key evidence in personal injury cases — a definite must have if you want to fully understand the client’s treatment journey.

In catastrophic cases, there may be multiple treating physicians involved. If so, you must obtain medical records and billing statements from each hospital, physician, radiologist and specialist that rendered care to the client to grasp the full extent of their injuries, treatment and recovery.

If pre-existing injuries are an issue, you’ll likely need those records as well.

The task of gathering, organizing and interpreting volumes of records can be daunting. If you’re not careful, this task will eat up much of your workday.

Your Outsourcing Solution

At Paralegal Alchemy, we’ve mastered the art of gathering case exhibits. Pulling from 20+ years of experience in every corner of the personal injury practice, we’ve developed a simple-yet-effective strategy that allows us to retrieve medical records, proof of damages and other case exhibits in days, not months!

Our Records and Exhibit Gathering Packages are designed to handle the entire retrieval process for you. Not only do we prepare the records requests, we monitor those requests until the documents are in your hands, ready for a Dynamic Settlement Demand.

Types of Records We Gather:

Our records retrieval services are not limited to medical records and bills.

Paralegal Alchemy can gather all of the documents you need to build your client’s case. If it exists, we’ll locate it and its custodian, request a copy for your files, and track the request until it’s on your desk.

Here are a few exhibits we can help you retrieve as you develop your PI cases:

  • Accident and incident reports
  • Property damage estimates
  • Ambulance trip reports
  • Lost wages verification forms
  • Doctor disability statements
  • Radiology reports and/or images
  • Prescription reports from pharmacies

How to Get Started

Do you have any of your client’s records? How about medical bills? Do you need a few requests or the full shebang?!

Imagine our legal support firm gathering your client’s records, freeing up time for you to focus on cases that need your direct attention. Does this sound like outsourcing solutions you would like to invest in? Awesome!

Getting started is simple. Click the button below to schedule a private consultation with our litigation maven, Vickie.

Bring along any questions you have about outsourcing, a list of your firm’s bottlenecks, and let us know how we can be of assistance.