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Harness the Power of Clear, Concise, and Compelling Legal Writing in Your Law Practice  

Writing is an integral part of your life as a personal injury litigation attorney. There is no way around it.

Whether you are crafting a lawsuit, propounding discovery or penning content for your website, you need clear, concise and compelling writing.

Anything less is ineffective in the legal arena, right? 🙂

But staying on top of your writing projects while running your practice, building strong cases, and nurturing clients seems nearly impossible.

You have cases ready for settlement demands, others approaching the statute of limitations, legal pleadings awaiting responses, and your website needs to be updated.

When you are not moving your writing tasks from pending to polished, you impede the flow of your practice, affecting your firm’s bottom line.

Here is how I can help you: 

Who I Am and What I Do

Hi there! I’m Vickie Perry Barker, creator of this legal outsourcing haven. Since the ‘90s, I’ve supported attorneys in 1000’s of cases involving personal injuries, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, car, truck and motorcycle accidents, criminal defense, appellate matters – the list goes on and on. I’ve worked on both sides of the civil practice — plaintiff and defense — which uniquely equips me to navigate every angle of your cases.

At Paralegal Alchemy, I provide a full range of paralegal and marketing support services. This includes in-depth research assistance, legal writing and editing, content marketing, and web design services.

I love what I do – assisting litigators behind the scenes yet in the trenches. I’m passionate about law and my superpower is word alchemy.

Start Outsourcing Today!

With my help, you will transform your practice, relieve nagging bottlenecks, leverage your time and get more done.

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If you have questions not answered on my FAQ page or if you are ready to schedule some one-on-one time with me, request a private consultation here.