Stay In-the-Know with Client Status Conferences

If you’re like most personal injury attorneys we’ve met over the years, you’ve a few cases languishing in your file cabinets. They could be ready for settlement demands but you’re missing key exhibits.

You need the client’s medical records, operative notes, radiology reports, disability forms, billing statements – and perhaps more.

The problem is you’ve no idea what you need! You’re not sure what’s in the file or what’s missing. You haven’t spoken with your client in months. You need their current treatment status and a list of medical providers — but you’ve no time to figure it all out.

What do you do?! Where do you start?

Your Outsourcing Solution

Our Client Status Conferences are phone conferences we conduct with your PI client.

We discuss their treatment regimens, prescriptions, specialists, radiology studies and more. We inquire about special damages — medical bills, prescription costs, out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages.

By the end of the call, we will know exactly what you need to complete your client’s file and to whom we should direct your requests.

You will receive:

  • A typewritten summary of the status conference and proposed action steps — including a list of your client’s medical providers, contact information and copying charges.
  • An itemization of special damages — medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages and RX costs — noting all documents in the client’s possession and others that must be requested.
  • A lost wages verification form to be completed by the client’s employer, if applicable.

Knowing which records you need and from whom you must request, doesn’t change the fact that you’ve no time to gather them on your own.

How to Get Started

You’re only steps away from ditching overwhelm for outsourcing freedom!

Imagine…. every service, document and communication listed above — hours of tasks neatly crafted into one done-for-you package. Does this sound like outsourcing solutions you would like to invest in? Awesome!

Getting started is simple. Click the button below to schedule a private consultation with our litigation maven, Vickie.

Bring along any questions you have about outsourcing, a list of your firm’s bottlenecks, and let us know how we can be of assistance.