Deciding What to Outsource…. First

Deciding What Legal Tasks to Outsource

A remote paralegal can handle a plethora of tasks for your firm from case inception through resolution. Thus, the list of legal support services attorneys can outsource seems endless.

When deciding what to outsource, I have found it is best to first determine your outsourcing goals, next identify your bottlenecks, then prioritize and lastly, delegate.

Following these simple steps, you will outsource the tasks that stand to cause the most harm to your practice – the tasks that are impeding the flow in your practice and wreaking havoc on your productivity.  

Step One: What are your outsourcing goals?

The first step to manifesting any kind of meaningful change in your law practice is to know what you want. Set clear intentions.

What do you hope to accomplish when you delegate your legal writing, administrative and marketing tasks? What are your goals with regards to productivity and workflow efficiency? 

Here are goals expressed by other attorneys:

  • Streamline my workflow 
  • Increase my firm’s productivity 
  • Relieve my in-house staff 
  • Enhance my law firm’s online presence 
  • Increase client referrals 
  • Attract targeted leads 
  • Get. More. Done! 

What are your goals?! List them.

Step Two: What are your bottlenecks?

A bottleneck is any task that limits your productivity and prevents you from accomplishing your goals.

While sometimes difficult to identify, most bottlenecks are obvious. They’re the tasks you cannot seem to get a handle on. The ones that were due yesterday – but in every case. 

The tasks you are slow to complete but when left undone, directly affects your ability to move your cases forward. 

Every law firm has a few bottlenecks. Most have several. List yours.

Step Three: Identify the tasks you can outsource

Of the bottlenecks you listed in step two, which tasks must be handled by you or your in-house staff?  Place an “X” beside them as they are not the best fit for outsourcing.  

Which tasks remain on your list? Those are your top priority tasks – the first you may want to let go of.

Step Four: Delegate!

Now that you’re aware of the tasks that are impeding the flow in your practice and which are best handled in-office, let’s take the next step towards outsourcing freedom….

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