Discovery that Delivers the Info You Need

Interrogatories, Production Requests, Admissions and Non-Party RPDs

The discovery period in a litigation case is a very important time.

It’s your opportunity to gather evidence, identify witnesses, conduct depositions, and challenge legal theories.

It’s during this stage that cases are built — layer upon layer.

Discovery Requests Tailored to Your Case

Whether you’re a plaintiff or defense attorney, you need precise and well-crafted discovery requests to uncover key information and request documents that will strengthen your client’s case.

  • Interrogatories that ask the right questions
  • Request for Admissions that cut through the issues and get straight to the facts
  • Request for Production of Documents that gather documents and other tangibles you need
  • Non-Party Production Requests to retrieve records from entities that are not named in the lawsuit

Thorough and Timely Served Discovery Responses

If you’ve ever been served with a set of discovery – Interrogatories, Production Requests and/or Admissions — you know how overwhelming the task of responding can seem.

To say they are tedious and time-consuming to respond to, in many cases, is an understatement.

You’ve a small window – approximately 30 days from receipt – to meet with your client, gather documents, prepare formal responses, incorporate applicable objections — and make sure the responses are timely served.

As you know, failure to respond can result in a motion to compel, court penalties and attorney’s fees. Yikes!

The Solution

At Paralegal Alchemy, we love litigation! So, it’s no surprise the discovery phase of the injury case is one of our favorite stages.

We actually enjoy trudging through case files, preparing requests and responses — freeing up our client’s schedule to work on other matters.

It’s why we’re here! Hire Paralegal Alchemy to breathe new life into your litigation matters and:

  • Prepare interrogatories, requests for admissions and production of documents, specifically tailored to your clients’ cases.
  • Craft thorough responses to opposing counsel’s discovery requests.
  • Spruce up your existing form interrogatories, RPDs and other templates.
  • Draft and serve supplemental requests and responses when applicable.
  • Interpret, analyze, index and summarize all information provided and documents produced during the discovery process.

How to Get Started

We understand every litigation case is different. What you need to move one case forward will likely differ from the next.

So, we customize our Discovery That Delivers packages based on your specific needs, the documents you want drafted, and your expected turnaround time.

Getting started is simple. Click the button below to schedule a private consultation with our litigation maven, Vickie.

Bring along any questions you have about outsourcing, and let us know how we can be of assistance.