Freelance Paralegal Support for Litigation Attorneys in Georgia and California

Hi there, counselor!

I’m Vickie Perry Barker, your litigation maven.

I help lawyers like you build strong cases, and streamline them from inception through resolution.

From settlement demands and lawsuits, to motions, discovery and trial documents, together we will harness the power of concise and compelling content.

In-depth legal research and war room strategizing? I’ve got you covered. It’s what I do!

My journey in the legal arena started more than two decades ago. I’ve worked in the trenches with top litigators and I’ve consulted on 1000’s of cases involving catastrophic personal injuries, medical malpractice, trucking accidents, premises and product liability, and more.

I’ve experience on both sides of civil practice, plaintiff and defense – and have assisted in high-profile felony and appellate matters.

I’m passionate about law – and my superpower is legal word alchemy.

I enjoy dissecting court decisions, volumes of discovery, and assisting in the crafting and implementation of trial strategies.

I love what I do – supporting litigators and trial teams, behind the scenes and in the trenches.

But don’t take my word for it. My portfolio is impressive and references are impeccable.

Outsourcing Rewards

In 2007, I opened the doors of my first legal support firm. I have witnessed firsthand the value of freelance paralegal support for attorneys, and the real-life results that can be manifested when it’s done well.

With my firm’s assistance:

  • An overworked, sleep deprived attorney was finally able to carve out personal time for himself and his family after delegating nearly 50% of his workload;
  • A small firm litigator invested in consistent organic content marketing 12+ years ago and it continues to reward his practice today;
  • A personal injury attorney grew his practice from half a dozen new PI cases each year to half a dozen new cases each month;
  • A general practitioner implemented core administrative systems, developed a forms/templates database, streamlined his workflow and increased his staff’s productivity; and
  • A busy criminal defense lawyer, once overwhelmed with administrative minutia, was able to gain control of his workload and increase client referrals.

Several attorneys took the outsourcing leap, transitioned from paper-cluttered to paperless offices, and transformed their small law practices with my right-hand assistance.

Partner with a Freelance Paralegal

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