Legal Writing Tasks You Can Outsource to a Remote Paralegal

When you are not moving your writing tasks from pending to polished, you impede the flow of your practice. Your cases stall, clients grow impatient and decent settlement offers are far and few.

The solution is simple – outsource to a remote paralegal.

Start by delegating the documents that must be prepared but you have no time or desire to work on. That demand package that is taking you days to finish; or those dreadful discovery responses you have yet to start drafting – either can be the first you let go of.

Here are other writing tasks a remote paralegal can take off your hands:

  • Letters of representation to at fault and UM insurance carriers
  • Records/bills requests to medical providers
  • Personal injury demand letters
  • Complaints, answers and counterclaims
  • Discovery requests and responses
  • Motions for summary judgment
  • Motions to dismiss
  • Briefs in support and in opposition
  • Tables of authorities
  • Deposition notices
  • Pre-trial and case management orders
  • Correspondence to clients, clerks and opposing counsel
  • Legal memorandums
  • Medical and deposition summaries
  • Legal forms/templates
  • Newsletters and website content

With a remote paralegal assisting with your writing, you can focus your attention on matters that require your immediate attention – and tasks you actually enjoy.

Schedule a private consultation. We will discuss your practice, your bottlenecks — and how I can provide the writing relief you need.


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