Streamline Your Client Intake Process and Launch Stronger Personal Injury Cases

So, you have a new personal injury case. Now what?!

You’ve met with the client, accepted the case, have a signed fee agreement on file — but not much more.

You must kick start your new case, track down insurance carriers, secure a copy of the police report, and write preservation letters to protect key evidence. The list goes on and on! You struggle to find time to get it all done so the case sits on your desk, unattended longer than it should.

Other matters come in and before you realize it, you have a few new cases, not much progress, and concerned clients that demand your immediate attention.

You’d like to address them all but you must attend a video depo in an hour; you have an evening consult on the calendar, and dinner plans at 7:00 pm. Sound familiar?! I know. Keep reading — I have the relief your need.

Your Outsourcing Solution

At Paralegal Alchemy, I streamline the intake process for you so you can focus on other tasks. How it works? Give me access to your new matter and I will:

  • Review your entire case file — note what is included and more importantly, pertinent information that is missing;
  • Reach out to your client to obtain additional details regarding the accident, property damage, insurance carriers, injuries, treatment regimen and/or emergency room care;
  • Review all crash reports, incident or premises injury forms prepared in the matter;
  • Draft a “welcome letter” to your new client that expresses your firm’s gratitude, encourages regular medical treatment, and guides your client forward seamlessly;
  • Write a “thank you letter” to the person or entity that referred the client to your firm; and
  • Prepare letters of representation to at-fault and UM insurance carriers.

With Paralegal Alchemy launching your injury cases, you can:

  • Create a streamlined, easy-to-sustain flow that can be managed from case intake through resolution;
  • Relieve your new client’s concerns and start their recovery journey with a positive first impression;
  • Connect with insurance adjusters early on and set the tone for productive communication; and
  • Lessen the burdens on you and your in-house staff.

How to Get Started

Imagine…. every service, document and communication listed above — hours of tasks neatly crafted into one done-for-you package! Does this sound like outsourcing solutions you can invest in? Awesome!

Getting started is simple. Click the button below to schedule a private consultation with me, your litigation maven.

Bring along any questions you have about outsourcing, a list of your firm’s bottlenecks, and let me know how I can be of assistance.