Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth Litigating? Invest in an In-Depth Case Analysis to Find Out

You’re a personal injury attorney with a promising case. Liability is clear. Damages are substantial.

After months of extensive medical treatment, your client has responded remarkably well to the care she has received.

Your team has spent numerous hours preparing her case for settlement. You’ve gathered exhibits, submitted a demand letter and a counter demand – and it still seems as though the adjuster has no intention of extending a reasonable settlement offer to your client.

The clock is ticking! You’re 18 months post-accident and the statute of limitations is approaching. It’s time to consider litigation. Now what?!

The Outsourcing Solution

Your first step is deciding whether you have a case worth litigating.

While some matters are ideal to pursue in court, others are best settled without the additional time or case expenses.

With the help of our Pre-Litigation Case Analysis, you’ll be able to decide how best to move forward with your client’s case.

What’s Included:

A thorough case analysis is when we review case facts and activity, liability issues (if any), treatment details, damages, demands and the negotiation process.

We identify potential red flags, case strengths and weaknesses, exhibits and lack thereof – and help you find grounds for litigation.

We also:

  • Inspect photographs of the accident scene, property damage and injuries;
  • Review statements of drivers, passengers, defendants and independent witnesses;
  • Review medical records and bills, calculate special damages;
  • Review discovery requests/responses and deposition transcripts;
  • Identify key exhibits and supplemental records needed;
  • Review settlement negotiations – demands, offers and counters; and
  • Research legal theories, caselaw, state/federal statutes and jury verdicts.

Use the information uncovered in our case evaluation to make an informed decision as to the next steps in your client’s case.

In addition to litigation consulting services, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive memorandum detailing all findings;
  • A summary of caselaw, state and federal statutes reviewed;
  • A summary of client and witness interviews conducted;
  • A list of medical providers: hospitals, therapists, treating physicians;
  • An index of all documents, photographs, audio or video footage examined; and, of course
  • A generous discount on lawsuit preparation services if you decide to litigate the matter.

How to Get Started

Imagine every service and document listed above — hours of tasks neatly crafted into one done-for-you package. Does this sound like outsourcing solutions you would like to invest in? Awesome!

Getting started is simple. Click the button below to schedule a private consultation with our litigation maven, Vickie.

Bring along any questions you have about outsourcing, and let us know how we can be of assistance.