Outsourcing Solutions for Solo and Small Firm Personal Injury Attorneys

Are you tired of wasting most of your days handling minutia? Would you rather be developing case strategies, securing settlement checks for your clients, litigating cases and growing your law practice? If you answered – “Yes, absolutely!” – you are in the right place. Building a thriving personal injury firm can be challenging. While experience, networking and marketing efforts play an integral role in your firm’s success, there are other key factors that are equally … Read more

The Power of Gratitude in Your Law Practice

A grateful heart is good for your health – and your law practice. Literally. Scientists across the world have conducted numerous studies on the power of gratitude. All of which prove grateful people live longer and have stronger immune systems. They experience more joy, lower rates of stress and depression – and are less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses, aches and pains. But how does this attitude of gratitude benefit your law practice? For … Read more