Outsourcing Solutions for Solo and Small Firm Personal Injury Attorneys

Are you tired of wasting most of your days handling minutia?

Would you rather be developing case strategies, securing settlement checks for your clients, litigating cases and growing your law practice?

If you answered – “Yes, absolutely!” – you are in the right place.

Building a thriving personal injury firm can be challenging. While experience, networking and marketing efforts play an integral role in your firm’s success, there are other key factors that are equally important.

The success of your small personal injury practice will depend, in large part, on your ability to streamline cases and secure fair settlements for your clients. This kind of mastery produces happy clients and word-of-mouth referrals.

Remote Solutions for Your Firm’s Bottlenecks

At Paralegal Alchemy, I meet countless solo and small firm PI attorneys that struggle daily to move their cases forward.

My goal is to relieve attorneys like you of minutia so you can focus on firm functions you are better suited for.

Hence, our Outsourcing Solutions blog series!

I will identify common bottlenecks that keep attorneys stuck — and share solutions a freelance paralegal can offer remotely to keep your practice flowing in the right direction.

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Paralegal and Administrative Tasks You Can Delegate and Get More Done

You’re a small firm attorney peering at a never-ending list of paralegal and administrative tasks that must be completed. The problem is these tasks are needed in multiple cases, and you need help getting it all done.

It’s time to go remote, counselor.

When you partner with a remote legal assistant, you can delegate those tasks – and create space to focus on the matters that require your direct attention.

It seems too good to be true, I know. But it is not!

There’s an endless list of paralegal and administrative tasks a remote legal assistant can handle for you. Below you will find a few:

  1. Screen potential clients
  2. Set up new case files
  3. Calendar hearings and deadlines
  4. Schedule phone conferences
  5. Transcribe your dictated content
  6. Proofread and edit your legal pleadings
  7. Track the time you spend on cases
  8. Update your case management system
  9. Request medical records and bills
  10. Itemize expenses, lost wages and other damages
  11. Prepare medical chronologies
  12. Draft demand letters
  13. Craft lawsuits against individuals and/or entities
  14. Propound discovery requests
  15. Prepare discovery responses
  16. Index case exhibits
  17. Schedule and notice depositions
  18. Prepare deposition summaries
  19. Perform case analyses
  20. Conduct legal research
  21. Draft motions and briefs
  22. Assist with mediation and trial preparation

If you’ve been going it alone, I’m sure there are countless other tasks that are swallowing up your time. Put an end to that today!

Go remote with Paralegal Alchemy and get the legal support you need to move your cases forward.

Legal Writing Tasks You Can Outsource to a Remote Paralegal

When you are not moving your writing tasks from pending to polished, you impede the flow of your practice. Your cases stall, clients grow impatient and decent settlement offers are far and few.

The solution is simple – outsource to a remote paralegal.

Start by delegating the documents that must be prepared but you have no time or desire to work on. That demand package that is taking you days to finish; or those dreadful discovery responses you have yet to start drafting – either can be the first you let go of.

Here are other writing tasks a remote paralegal can take off your hands:

  • Letters of representation to at fault and UM insurance carriers
  • Records/bills requests to medical providers
  • Personal injury demand letters
  • Complaints, answers and counterclaims
  • Discovery requests and responses
  • Motions for summary judgment
  • Motions to dismiss
  • Briefs in support and in opposition
  • Tables of authorities
  • Deposition notices
  • Pre-trial and case management orders
  • Correspondence to clients, clerks and opposing counsel
  • Legal memorandums
  • Medical and deposition summaries
  • Legal forms/templates
  • Newsletters and website content

With a remote paralegal assisting with your writing, you can focus your attention on matters that require your immediate attention – and tasks you actually enjoy.

Schedule a private consultation. We will discuss your practice, your bottlenecks — and how I can provide the writing relief you need.


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The Power of Gratitude in Your Law Practice

A grateful heart is good for your health – and your law practice. Literally.

Scientists across the world have conducted numerous studies on the power of gratitude. All of which prove grateful people live longer and have stronger immune systems.

They experience more joy, lower rates of stress and depression – and are less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses, aches and pains.

But how does this attitude of gratitude benefit your law practice?

For starters, happy and healthy employees miss fewer days from work. They tend to love what they do and it shows in their performance. Their energy is contagious, your clients can feel it – and trust me, they appreciate it.

Need more reasons to be grateful? Keep reading…

Gratitude improves client retention and attracts more business.

Keeping clients happy is a challenge for busy law firms. The attention given initially can dwindle off as the case moves forward. This lack of communication leaves clients feeling unappreciated and often result in termination.

Take a moment to express your appreciation. Send “welcome” letters to new clients, “thank you” letters to referral sources – anyone who comes to mind deserves to hear from you.

Not only will these kind gestures warm hearts, they will bless you as well.

By expressing gratitude for the clients you have, you create space for more abundance in your law practice. Instead of chasing new clients, you will begin to attract the people who need your legal services most. And this, counsel, is where the magic happens!

Grateful people are more empathetic.

The more successful injury lawyers possess a gift that goes unnoticed to the human eye — empathy.

They’re able to connect with clients in a way most cannot. They lead heart-centered law practices, and nurture relationships that continue to reward long after the case concludes.

This gift is priceless. Do you have it? Are you ready to share it? The ability to see life through your client’s eyes helps you relate (and articulate) their pain, suffering and recovery. In any injury practice, this is key.

Gratitude improves team morale.

Running a litigation firm without legal support is not an option. Be it associate attorneys, paralegals, secretaries or investigators – you need all hands on deck to move catastrophic cases forward. And you need everyone at their best.

So the question is, how do you encourage your team to do their best work — consistently? It’s simple. Be grateful.

Express gratitude for your team’s commitment. And say, “thank you.” Often.

Thank your secretary for catching that embarrassing typo in your legal brief, and your paralegal for uncovering the case law you need.

When humans feel appreciated, they perform better. They’re more likely to take the initiative and will tackle key tasks before you assign them. This is the type of support you need to maintain a thriving law practice.

Need help cultivating a culture of gratitude in your law practice? Are looking for creative ways to show your appreciation to your clients and support staff? No worries. I’ve more articles like this in the queue.


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